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 Mario Kart 7 Clan Rules

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Mario Kart 7 Clan Rules Empty
PostSubject: Mario Kart 7 Clan Rules   Mario Kart 7 Clan Rules EmptySun May 27, 2012 6:57 pm

We use the tradition Prime League Rules:

Prime League Rules


1. All matches will consist of 4vs4 in all stages of the tournament.

2. Matches consist of 3 Grand Prix's in all stages of the tournament.

3. All characters and vehicles are allowed.

4. Matches will be played on 150cc with all items activated. Hosting teams that do not use a community with these conditions will be penalized 30pts. to their overall score for the match. If you are a hosting team, please make sure your community uses these settings.

Match Rules


7a. All courses are allowed.

7b. Courses may only be played once per match. Repeating a course is not allowed and will result in a 10pt. penalty to the offending team. A repeated course is defined as a course that is voted by a player and selected on the voting screen. Repeats caused by a random vote do NOT constitute a repeat.


8a. If a player disconnects during a Grand Prix, the player is awarded 5pts for disconnecting in race 1 or 2, and 10pts. for disconnecting in race 3, unless picture proof is given for that player's original score. In the case that picture proof is given for disconnections, the player is awarded the highest score possible for the disconnection (This means, even with picture proof, that disconnecting in race 1 with 4pts. still awards that player 5pts., but disconnecting in race 2 with 8pts. after race 1 awards the player 8pts.)

8b. Points scored by bots will count towards a player's total score for that Grand Prix.

9. If a player disconnects prior to the commencement of the Grand Prix (does not show up in the voting screen), the Grand Prix must be restarted.

- If you want to read more in depth with the rules please visit http://www.primeleague.net/rules-english-t636.html and also register your clans to participate in this league.
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Mario Kart 7 Clan Rules
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