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 Reminder Before Posting A Clan Thread

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Reminder Before Posting A Clan Thread Empty
PostSubject: Reminder Before Posting A Clan Thread   Reminder Before Posting A Clan Thread EmptySun May 27, 2012 6:52 pm

This section are for the fellow competative racers who group together to form a clan.

Your clan thread can be posted here with additional information and clan record.


- Do not make a thread with just one person in a clan
- Clan must have at least 4 players in order for it to have a thread
- Do not make many threads, please inform us before you do.
- Last thing, don't be an idiot thank you

We (mods) will keep track of these threads and make sure they do not go haywire in the future. Trash talk is welcome so please do so unless it gets out of control.

We hope you and your clan have a nice year with us and we wish you a very good luck in the future, thank you!
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Reminder Before Posting A Clan Thread
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